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Golf Tourney Pros is committed to ensuring our tournaments are held in compliance with state and local requirements.  With the natural ability of golfers to adhere to social distancing and best practices, many organizations have continued to hold their events, even through the later part of 2020. 

According to the National Golf Federation, in October 2020 rounds played came in 32% higher than last year, according to Golf Datatech, raising the national year-to-date figure to +10.8%. The surge in play continued during November, putting the U.S. on track for an annual increase of somewhere around 50 million rounds compared to 2019.  The National Golf Federation conducted a recent survey (January 2021).  They a asked core golfers to consider two scenarios – one where widespread vaccinations occurred, face coverings and distancing were no longer needed, and life returned to relative normal by early summer. The other scenario, which may be the more plausible of the two, assumed that the coronavirus situation persisted throughout 2021.  In either scenario, they predict an increase in rounds this year.*

Globally, the pandemic has been detrimental for many businesses. For reasons well-documented, people have been more attracted to and engaged with golf in 2020, helping to drive up rounds played.  

Ways to Handle Your Event

One of the most important things you can do is to communicate effectively. Whether events are taking place, getting canceled, or they are proceeding in a different format, make sure all participants are kept well informed.  Here are some key factors to consider when holding your event during the COVID pandemic:

  • Require all attendees sign a COVID-19 waiver the day of the event

  • Temperature screening at registration

  • Scheduled tee-times vs "shotgun" start

  • Course selection - choose a course that has flexible cancellation policies

  • Consider holding your event late in the year 2021

  • Automate as many parts of your event as possible (i.e. registration, sponsorship)

  • Require golfers to wear masks through registration until first tee

  • Limit volunteers to essential workers only

  • Pre-purchase raffle & auction tickets

  • Provide masks and sanitizers to all golfers and participants

  • Ensure marshals enforce social distancing at tee boxes and throughout course

  • Instead of having a post-tournament gathering, provide take home dinner for players

  • Host a virtual awards ceremony at a later date


As of August 2020, U.S. golf courses open for play.  


Golfers willing to drive four hours each way for a golf getaway.


NEW golfers likely to stick around, barring health or financial setbacks.


January 29, 2021 - Seton Hall Sports Poll

Vaccine Changing Attitudes Towards Attending Sporting Events​

The Seton Hall Sports Poll is the first and only university-based, ongoing polling service to delve into the multi-billion dollar sport industry, and its findings serve as a barometer of public opinion on the many important issues confronting sport today.

Outdoor Events
In this week’s poll, 40 percent said that if they received a coronavirus vaccine they would attend an outdoor event with personal protection equipment, social distancing measures and restricted attendance. This is up from 28 percent when the question was asked in November, but without access to a vaccine. In April, 2020 only 25 percent said they would attend.


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